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Our epoxy floor installers offer various high-performance epoxy flooring solutions. Call Robles Concrete Services epoxy contractors today for trusted service.

The Evolution of Epoxy Flooring

In the past, concrete merely served as a foundation for other flooring materials. However, with advancements in coating materials and technologies, concrete itself has become a canvas for seamless, beautiful, and functional flooring. Our epoxy floor contractors specialize in transforming spaces across various settings:

  • Industrial Facilities: Enhance functionality and aesthetics in warehouses, factories, and production areas.
  • Commercial Kitchens: Create hygienic, slip-resistant surfaces for busy kitchens.
  • Office Areas: Elevate office spaces with sleek, easy-to-maintain epoxy floors.
  • Finished Basements: Turn your basement into a stylish, usable area.
  • Recreation Rooms: Whether it’s a gym or a game room, epoxy flooring offers versatility.
  • Garage Floors: Protect and beautify your garage space.

Our High-Performance Epoxy Flooring Options

Our epoxy floor installers offer four main variations, each tailored to specific needs:

Solid System:

  • A seamless flooring solution using a high-performance 100% solids urethane epoxy.
  • Available in solid colors or metallic effects.
  • Followed by a clear UV-stable topcoat that won’t discolor.
  • Provides a smooth finish for a clean, modern look.

Granite System:

  • Achieve a granite-like appearance with this high-performance 100% solids urethane epoxy.
  • Color chips are heavily broadcasted, adhering permanently to the base coat.
  • The result: a durable, attractive surface that hides soil and offers excellent traction.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring System:

  • A captivating option using 100% solids epoxy with high pigment loading.
  • Begins with a dark or black base coat.
  • The metallic layer, available in various colors, creates a multi-dimensional look unique to each application.
  • As the floor cures, it develops a solid state, ensuring a one-of-a-kind finish.

Atlanta Epoxy Floor Coating Services

As a leader in epoxy floor coating services, Robles Epoxy Floor Coating provides our clients with top tier results for epoxy floor coating for residential and commercial garage floors. We offer a wide variety of finishes and designs for your home or business garage floor

Transform Your Spaces with Professional Epoxy Floor Coating

Enhance the beauty, durability, and functionality of your residential spaces with our premium epoxy floor coating services. Whether it’s your garage, basement, pool deck, or other areas, our expert team ensures a flawless finish that stands the test of time.

Upgrade Your Commercial Spaces with Professional Epoxy Floor Coating

Give your business the edge with our top-tier commercial epoxy floor coating services. Ideal for lobbies, office parks, retail stores, restaurants, exercise facilities, and more, our expert team delivers exceptional results that combine aesthetics with durability.

Enhance Your Industrial Spaces with Professional Epoxy Floor Coating

Maximize the performance and longevity of your industrial floors with our top-quality epoxy floor coating services. Ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, healthcare offices, schools, and more, our expert team provides solutions that are as durable as they are visually appealing.

Benefits of Our Epoxy Flooring

  • Stain Resistance: Our finishes strongly resist staining, ensuring long-lasting beauty.
  • Hot Tire Pick-Up Resistance: Say goodbye to unsightly tire marks in your garage.
  • Durability: Our coatings won’t peel, chip, or dent.
  • Proper Surface Preparation: We prioritize diamond grinding to ensure optimal adhesion.

Why Choose Robles?

  • Experience: With over 11 years of experience, we bring expertise to every project.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our team uses advanced equipment for superior results.
  • Free Consultation: Contact our epoxy floor contractors today to discuss your vision.


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